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re: Ok so here goes 😉😅 My Portfolio Page I haven't worked on it in a little bit. I should probably update the project links 😉

Cape Cod is one of my favorite places on earth -- I love that you highlight it on your site.

I would steer away from the background image and keep it simple. As you say in your profile "Simplistic Web Design for a complicated world." I think that the multiple layers of images are more distracting than highlighting for your skills!

I would make the site either all about you, or all about Cape Cod World's brand! If you stick with the Cape Cod World, I would move your bio to a later section!

Your cards look great! I would remove the text shadow from the links, it makes them harder to read! I would center the contact form.

The animation is super fun, and the footer is great -- it gives the relevant info that the person needs to continue further on your site.

I would also add more about you and your background!


Thanks so much 😁👏👏 for the great advice 🤩
Yes I was actually thinking about removing the main background image too. Can't wait to play around with it some more

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