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Discussion on: 50 Projects in 50 Days, 3/5 there! 🌻

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Atif Iqbal

It is difficult for someone especially for novice to learn from your articles. You are building a timeline of your learning and in every project only you post your understanding of a portion about what you have learned. If someone wants to build that you are learning then it will be difficult because if someone wants to build then a flow is required from start of the project to end.......PLEASE DON'T MIND THIS IS JUST MY OBSERVATION THAT I HAVE SHARED WITH YOU.
You can share Your GitHub link for project if that's okay. This will help someone to learn.
And you can read this article
to learn about posting a code snippet in a better way.

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Chiara Mapelli Author • Edited

Thank you! Yep, I am just using this as a way to keep me accountable really, I don't think I am in that stage of my career yet when I can actually teach something specific, I am just exploring at this very moment 😊
For every small project I make, I just annotate what new concepts I learn/get to work with.
The course is:

PS Thanks SO much for that article about posting snippets, I will keep this in mind for future articles (if and when I get round to them!!).

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Nothing wrong with how she did it but it is a good observation. Some posts are meant to show what you know -- which has its place -- but even better, teach others with your posts. That is true learning!