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Discussion on: RxJS learning cliff and developers mental health

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Vince Blom

The biggest thing about learning RxJs for me was that the solution isn't always to get the value out of the Observable pipe to work with it. I was always trying to use Observables as little as possible and that made for some bad code, and hard to track down bugs.

Once I fully embraced the world of RxJs and learned the operators I fell in love with it. I am contemplating writing an article about that journey in the future.

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Oleksandr Author

Waiting for the article!

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Andrei Gatej

I just discovered that you can do state management with only services and rxjs, which I think it’s great.

I really like that concepts that rxjs brings out. Investing time in learning this library is certainly worth it.

Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait for the article!

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