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I live in the Yucatan, in Mérida, a small city, 1 million in the metro area so I guess it's not that small. Im 22 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, 77miles to Chichen Itza, 185miles to Cancun or 162 to Tulum. It's a beautiful quiet city, on Central Standard Time and short flight to Miami or Houston. It's quite convenient, modern city with historic downtown core. The frustrating part is that people forget that living and vacationing someone are two different things. Just because I live some where that people vacation does not mean I'm on one myself, but it's nice to have the option during downtime. Things have been pretty locked down since March for CoVid but normally it's a very magical place. youtu.be/0k4LSlgElF0


glorious! I lived in Northern mexico last year and really loved it

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