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where would you live if you could be remote full-time?

If you could go full time remote, where would you move? and why?

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Jimmy McBride

Where water meets the mountains, man.

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Along with that, where cloud meets the mountains.

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Milos, Greece!

Milos, Greece!

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Alex Sarafian

Yeah! I would love as well in a griek Island but problem is that in the winter they are too lonely.

graciegregory profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

I have never been to Greece in the winter but I do come from a tiny, remote coastal town so I'm used to those lonely, chilly winters that are so particular to beachy areas in the off-season. I love it!

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Alex Sarafian

I don't know Portland but I think you would love it if you prefer dry over wet and rainy. My only concern is the social aspect. Difference with an island is that you can't drive elsewhere at your own volition. Those Islands often get disconnected because the ferry can't dock despite the incredible efforts of the captain to make sure the island gets the necessary (often weekly) connection.

huddlespith profile image
Amy Hudspith

Probably a boring answer, but I like the city that I've lived in my whole life and would stay here! We have a good amenities, my family and friends are here, weather is ok (for the UK). I'm pretty happy 😊

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Olivier Guimbal • Edited

Things I would take into account:

  • Healthcare (you dont want to be stuck on a paradisiac island with no good nearby hospital nor dentist)
  • Education (I dont have any kids, but who knows ?)
  • Tranquility - somewhere with as few cars as possible (I hate cars)
  • Quality of life (diversity of landscapes, cultural & sportive activities,...)
  • Safety (exit those countries where you live like a prince in an ocean of misery)
  • Weather (because, you know... 🌧)
  • Remoteness (there are tons of places I'd love - like a lake in Canada - but that I find too remote)
  • Food quality

As for "where", I'd consider, sea side:

  • Some small towns on the west coast of France (Britany, or an island like île d'Yeu - yea, I'm French)
  • On a Greek island
  • Cinque Terre (Italy)
  • On a boat, sailing between those locations⛵

Or land side:

  • Somewhere in Tuscany (Italy)
  • Swizerland, somewhere near a lake (Geneva, Zurich, ...)
  • A small village in a countryside region of France, like those in Bourgogne for instance

[edit] Having a "good internet connection" will be off topic once starlink is deployed :)

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JennyJudova (they/them)

At first I was surprised that Germany, Hungary, Baltic's and Scandinavia havent made the cut, and then I saw 'weather'.

atxrenegade profile image
Harleigh Abel • Edited

I live in the Yucatan, in Mérida, a small city, 1 million in the metro area so I guess it's not that small. Im 22 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, 77miles to Chichen Itza, 185miles to Cancun or 162 to Tulum. It's a beautiful quiet city, on Central Standard Time and short flight to Miami or Houston. It's quite convenient, modern city with historic downtown core. The frustrating part is that people forget that living and vacationing someone are two different things. Just because I live some where that people vacation does not mean I'm on one myself, but it's nice to have the option during downtime. Things have been pretty locked down since March for CoVid but normally it's a very magical place.

nocnica profile image
Nočnica Mellifera

glorious! I lived in Northern mexico last year and really loved it

awesomeironman profile image
Cyrus Gracias

I'm already working as remote intern
and I'm also already working in a place where I find love, peace, greenery 🥰
My house is situated in such a wonderful place where I could hear rain, birds chirping and could look at farm from windows
Work from home is heaven for me (sometimes (silly bugs(coding bugs (😛))))

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Ben Halpern

I live in a small town in the Hudson Valley of New York. When we went fully remote I moved out of Brooklyn into a more relaxing environment.... But still close enough to New York that I can get back into that invigorating environment when I need or want to.

... I'm not sure if this is definitely my ideal, but on the spectrum it's closer to my ideal than some other alternatives.

madza profile image

That's a good thinking.. Hopefully more and more people do not think like that and the place wont become overpopulated ':)

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Enno Rehling (恩諾) • Edited

I was already 80% remote before the pandemic, and chose to live a few minutes from the beach, in a place with fast internet, great air quality, free health care, and a social safety net. No plans to change that, even if I will eventually commute again, to be at the office for one day each week.

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Fayaz Ahmed

Somewhere with

Lesser cars,
Good air,
low pollution (Sound and Air),
Good Internet,
Good Food,
Good people

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Alex Sarafian

I'm a Greek who hates Athens. So I would say at a Greek island but the problem is often that they get too deserted and difficult in winter time.

From my recent trips, I wanted to move to New Zealand to the south Island for remote or not. But, I feel that the best place I've ever been to for all year long was Seychelles. Proximity to the sea, mountain access, green, swimmable sea and English as an official language. But it is expensive.

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I already enjoy much of the "work anywhere" experience. Places I've worked from, and would happily work from again (no particular order):

  • Dominican Republic
  • Mexico
  • Turkey
  • Tunisia
  • France
  • Italy
  • Greece (islands, not mainland).

Long term, we want to emigrate. If SpaceX would pull their finger out & get StarLink running, I'd buy a van (or better, a bus) and convert to a mobile home, and we'll go where the wind takes us. Handily, my partner is an Art teacher, so can work from anywhere too (if she goes back to being an artist, rather than a teacher).

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Jason Ormes

Base of a mountain on a beach by a river some place.

sebnitu profile image
Sebastian Nitu

Iceland because I want to live near Puffins ❤️

nickytonline profile image
Nick Taylor

There’s Puffins in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada as well if you need a Puffin backup plan. You also get icebergs for free. Even in July.

sebnitu profile image
Sebastian Nitu

Sounds like heaven! ❄️ 🐦

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Jose Enrique Peraza Santamaria • Edited

This is my favorite place to work remote, my house. Choloma, Cortes, Honduras.

elmuerte profile image
Michiel Hendriks • Edited

I currently live in the west side of the Netherlands which is the most dense populated, and also more expensive.
I would move more to the east. Get a bigger house with an separate "office" that has a nice view of some nature. The separate office area is important, so that I have a place for work which is physically separate from my place of fun.