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re: To be honest, I disagree with #2. It is not always in the best interest of your customer or your employer to do your absolute best every time. Ther...

I could agree with that. There would be a balance. If in a given case doing your best prevents you completing something in a timely manner (#4 & #6) then you would have to use best judgement. I don't really touch on that as well as I should. But I believe this to be a valid point. But it also has to be taken into account with the others.


I suppose it could be a matter of how you define doing your best. Best possible code vs. applying yourself to the best of your abilities.

Yea personal judgement is part of it too I think. As long as overall you have your best intentions in mind and strive to do your best. There will always be some variation in that depending on the person.

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