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Discussion on: What is GitHub and why should I join?

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Shawn McElroy

Some employers will ask for your github profile as well when in the interview process. Generally, they want to see how you code. Maybe how often you code, and if you contribute to other projects.

Keep in mind that GitHub is not the only player in the game. There is also Gitlab (my preference) though not as popular as github but probably the second most. There is bitbucket as well as a few other smaller ones. A benefit of github is exactly because they are the largest, so you have visibility. I like gitlab because of the tooling they have built in the github does not. So it's a trade-off.

But really, it's just a place to store your code and let others see what you have written. Unless what you write is some secret thing, don't be afraid to put your code up there. It doesn't matter how ugly you think your code it, there's probably worse code on there anyways.

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Angela Whisnant Author

Thank you! Just trying to figure out how to use it and make it work for me.