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Creating Postman Environment

In this post, we will be creating a Postman environment and take a look at how to work with multiple Postman Environments.

What is a Postman Environment?

An environment in Postman is kind of like a virtual space where you can store a set of variables. Every time you switch from one environment to another, your environment variables will get updated in your requests on the fly.

Creating and Managing Environment

In Postman, you can create and manage multiple environments and store variables specific to that environment. A common example of that would be creating a baseUrl environment variable which will be switched based on the environment you are in (ex: test, prod, etc…)

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Check out the video below to learn more about Postman Environments

To learn about API Test Automation using JavaScript, check out my free tutorial series here –

JavaScript API Test Automation Tutorial Series

I hope this video helped you out, let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

Happy testing!


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Discussion (3)

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Liyas Thomas

Wow, looks like you're an expert in Postman tool. We are building an open source {free} Postman alternative: Hoppscotch

GitHub logo hoppscotch / hoppscotch

👽 A free, fast and beautiful API request builder used by 100k+ developers.

Would love to know your thoughts on this. Any feature requests/suggestions are very much appreciated.

Btw, good series of articles.

automationbro profile image
Dilpreet Johal Author

Hey Liyas, yes, Hoppscotch is great, I have used it in the past a little bit and was able to quickly test out my APIs with no issues!
Not sure if this feature is already there or in the pipeline but I would love to see a webhook integration so that I can create API tests in Hoppscotch and be able to run it in CI/CD tools.

liyasthomas profile image
Liyas Thomas

Awesome suggestion. We'll surely consider this in our development roadmap.