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re: I actually believe it is feasible to get a lot closer to 50/50. Universities like Harvey Mudd, CMU and MIT have it figured out to at least reach 6...

We mess up women by discouraging them from believing they can follow financially-rewarded careers and by expecting them to behave in ways that are not financially-rewarded.

I think that hits the nail on the head. I've been involved in a couple of game development workshops with high schoolers and I find interesting that many girls started with the preconception that "this is boys' stuff" but then realised that it was fun and that they were as good as the boys with it.

So I believe that the next step after making CS degrees in universities approachable by people without prior experience is to expose teenagers to software development because that's when they are starting to consider university and career choices and many girls have the preconception that computer science is a dudes' thing.

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