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The first time I experienced burn out I didn't understand what was going on; since then I have learnt to take regular breaks every three months and weekends are for rest! During winter months I go to the gym and the rest of the year I do hillwalking, will often find me in the lakes or Snowdonia.

After that, just learn to say "no", a lot harder than you think! Been running my own business for 15 years +, self employed for 25 years + and still struggle the be realistic sometimes.

Great article


Thanks for reading Charlie :). Just like how athletes take a day or 2 rest, coders need to do the same thing considering we are using lots of mental ability. Very jealous of your frequent trips to Snowdonia...


They are not as frequent as I would like them to be, but the mountains are a great place to clear your head of all the clutter, bit like re-factoring legacy code ;-)

BTW last trip was a while ago, but plans a foot :-)

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