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Discussion on: Are you most probably going to work fully remote?

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When I WFH I pretty much work all the time. Our team meets during the work hours and later around 10 pm. Is it the problem of only our team? I dunno.
More productive? Nah. I have been productive working in the office too. Productiveness is the approach that you build.
I would rather work 3-2: 3 days in the office, 2 days from home. I can still go out of my house and see my colleagues (don't tell me to meet them on zoom/teams/slack. We all know its now the same. )
Cons: I have much more meetings now!
Pros: I wake up later in a day and I don't spend time driving my car (even though I don't mind since i listen to my audio books at that time).

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Arman Khan

This. I worked from home for like 2 months and felt like I never turned off my laptop. I would definitely do 3-2 or create my own routine to some day WFH and other days work from office.

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Alexandru-Dan Pop Author

Have you tried creating a schedule or following the same one as if you went to the office? This turned out to work for me, as I avoid overwork or underwork. I've written more about it here.

WFH should improve your lifestyle and workstyle not make them worst.