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Announcing NubesGen, an Open Source tool to automate Azure deployments

Going to production on Azure is only one git push away

What is NubesGen?

NubesGen is a Microsoft Open Source project, which provides a Web application that generates an Azure infrastructure graphically: you select easy-to-understand options ("an application server", "a PostgreSQL database"), and it'll generate a state-of-the-art Terraform configuration that you can import and tweak in your project.

Using GitOps practices, NubesGen can also fully automate applying that configuration: it provides one cloud infrastructure per branch in your project, and will build and deploy your code to this infrastructure.

As a result, you can just git push your code to Azure and both the infrastructure and the application deployment are handled for you. No need to go to the Azure portal, or learn how to configure everything!

Video tour of NubesGen, in less than 15 minutes

What is the state of the project?

NubesGen is Open Source, and uses the MIT license.

It's currently under development, but we already have a good number of people who tested it, which makes us confident to do a first technical preview release.

You can already use it:

Contributing to the project

Currently NubesGen supports Azure App Service and Azure Functions, as well as some of their most popular options (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Blob Storage, Redis, Cosmos DB, etc.). We're looking for feedback and contributions to improve this existing support first.

Once we have a stable code base for those popular options, we'll then expand the number of supported services, with offers like Azure Kubernetes Services, Azure Spring Cloud, Azure Service Bus. So if you know any of those technologies and are willing to contribute, don't hesitate to ping us and join!

And as any new project, we'll be delighted to count you as one of our stargazers at!

What's next?

The best way to learn about NubesGen is to go to and use it!

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shaijut profile image
Shaiju T

Nice 😄, What is the use of NubesGen cant we do automatic infrastructure setup using Azure Devops ?

What NubesGen can do and Azure Devops can't do ?

edburns00 profile image
Ed Burns

Hello @jdubois , this looks really great. GitOps + Azure is a dream. Does this use Bicep under the covers?

faxg profile image
Florian Georg

It uses Terraform for IaC. Bicep would be great too, but I guess Terraform is more mature and has a wider adoption outside of the Microsoft open-source ecosystem.

michaelsrichter profile image
Mike Richter

Is it like Spring initializer for Azure?