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re: I didn't know what a Firmware Engineer was (but I had an idea) until now that I googled it, it looks very cool :D even though I barely know somethi...

Thanks for your kind comment:P
And yes, firmware is a confusing term. In different contexts, it may mean the BIOS to be executed on a x86 CPU, or the ROM(stored in flash) code to be executed on a "Embedded" CPU(like ARM or MIPS these days). Firmware can be found in our laptops, phones, camera, HDD/SSD, and even SD cards.
Most firmware are written in C these days but assembly is still and must be used in bootloader (pre-initialization before going to the C main routine.)

So I guess you write with both C and assembly, I didn't even know you could hack with SD cards, thank you too for correctly introducing myself to the concept c:

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