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Tips to prepare for Apache Kafka

If you're thinking or are preparing to take Apache Kafka Certification This is the location for you.There are numerous Apache Kafka certifications in the marketplace, but CCDAK (Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka) is the most well-known certification since Kafka is managed by Confluent.

Confluent has launched CCOAK certification in the last few days. CCOAK is mostly for DevOps engineer who focus on building and managing Kafka cluster. CCDAK is designed for Solution architects and developers with a focus on production, design and consumer. If you're uncertain, I suggest you to take CCDAK since it is a more thorough exam in comparison to CCOAK. These exam notes can be very useful to both CCDAK as well as CCOAK certifications.

From now on we will be talking about what you can do to be prepared for the CCDAK.

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