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Kati Frantz
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Free book: Deploying Node.js 🚀

Get free, complete access here

Hi! I'm Kati Frantz, a full-stack javascript engineer who has spent sleepless nights trying to figure out server management and node.js application deployments.

I've always found there was a lack of a reliable resource on how to deploy, manage, and scale node.js applications in the cloud. Over the past few years, I have built, deployed, scaled and managed node.js applications of all sizes.

I always wished there was a practical and simple guide for me to follow, teaching me how to deploy my own production ready servers, databases, queue workers, how to set them up, secure them, and deploy my node.js applications.

That's why I took out time to write this book, to share all the knowledge I have acquired over the years: a simple practical guide to provisioning, setting up, securing, scaling, managing and deploying node.js servers.

It's complete free, so go ahead and start learning. Get complete access here .

Please share this resource with someone who might find it useful.

Thank you !

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