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Howdy! I decided to make an account on this addicting site because I am here to enhance my knowledge on web development and become a Full Stack Developer one day. Right now the semester has ended and I am more than determined to finish my personal website that I started back in 2017! If anyone wants to give me tips and advice for how I should approach it anything will do! So far I am learning React, and hopefully one day I'll get back to using Angular for other projects! I also am looking into learning more about Microsoft Azure, AWS and Docker !


Hi Bartholomew, everything you said sounds great so far! Keep reading, keep learning and it will sink in before you know it! Microsoft has some great documentation now so be sure to check it out. Also find some tech podcasts you can listen to. It's amazing how much knowledge you can get just listening to other people talk shop.


Thank you! I wish you luck on your journey as well and I definitely will be on the hunt for tech podcasts because I need to start listening to podcasts on my way to my internship and this summer to keep me up to date!

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