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Great job.

I am a bit curious, I have built also such an app (though I have not yet merged the last PR) using the same source. But I have some issues:

  • I can't find daily data from that source, how do you do to get them? This repo has many sources, I don't know which one is a good fit.
  • Info about US is put by state, this is not good for me. It would be ok to just have US displayed once. For that reason, I am thinking of switching to another API.

This is the link to the API I am using.


Hi Abel,
I guess the data that you might be interested in is in csse_covid_19_time_series folder. To display the aggregated data for US I believe you might want to sum up the data from each state.



I thank you so much for the link.
You're right about US data, I just thought of it after I have submitted my request.

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