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Why you should learn to code now!

Yes, you can learn how to program, and yes, you can become a programmer. Everyone can.

There are a lot of benefits to being a programmer. Some people like to work remotely, some people would like to create startups, and some people love creating something from scratch.

In this post, I prepared eight things that would make you change your life and start learning to code immediately. These are some of the points that got me into this world, and I want to share them with you!


1. Learn how to think

2. Become an entrepreneur

3. Be your boss

4. Change the world

5. Many jobs for experts

6. Become consistent

7. Motivated to grow

8. Ideas become reality

1. Learn how to think

If you know how to code, you simultaneously learn how to think.

Coding is nothing else than solving problems. Fixing that problems can result in many different positive outcomes, like helping a company reach more clients, improve the existing software, and make people happy, and so on.

Realize that nothing is successful from the beginning of it. To create a successful application, you need to plan, note, and visualize it as much as possible.

When you approach a complex coding task, you need to divide it into smaller steps and think about how you can make it work.

At the time of finishing that project, you need to think about how you can reach as many users as possible to make it successful.

Think. Always think.

2. Become an entrepreneur

There are a lot of different ways that you can make money from coding. Some of them are:

• Job

• Freelance

• Services

• Coaching

• Content creation

• Creating startups

• Making products

And many more ways that can make you an entrepreneur when being a coder.

Honestly, if I would create a checklist of what you can do to get money from it, how you can have multiple passive incomes, you would be stunned how many opportunities you have.

The only rule here is - learn to code.

3. Be your boss

Programming is like being an entrepreneur. The most successful ones are self-made (self-taught), you can run your businesses (be a freelancer, mentor, content creator), and grow as you work.

You don't need to work in a 9 to 5 job in a company if you don't like to. You can always become a freelancer and work for yourself, be your boss, manage your earnings, and so on.

Because of COVID-19, more companies around the world prefer to take online interviews and hire remotely. Coding has many benefits that even if you work in a 9 to 5 job, you would feel like a boss.

Many people in the programming field are their bosses. If you want your full-time job to be a content creator on YouTube, you can do that. Do you want to be a freelancer? You can become one. Want to run services online? You can do all of that. The only thing that limits you is your brain.

Start learning to code, and be your boss now!

4. Change the world

With the ability to code, you can create apps that can change the world. You can develop software that would be useful to people.

There are a lot of things that you can do if you know how to code. There are a lot of ideas that we still do not know about that someday someone will think about that idea, apply it to the project, and eventually change our lives.

Think about it - does Facebook change lives?

Of course, it does, because hundreds of millions of people use it daily.

With the proper programming knowledge and motivation, you can reach the stars.

5. Many jobs for professionals

If you study hard and do a lot of commercial projects, you can stand out from most developers and be visible for recruiters and then finally land a job.

You would be shocked how many jobs there are available for programmers right now! You can apply to thousands of companies around the world per month and find a job.

The only requirement here is your commercial experience. If you do not have at least two years of professional experience, you will not get any job, and you will get a rejection from every company that you apply.

Study hard, work for clients, and you will get it!

6. Become consistent

When I started learning to code, I wanted to study every day, but I had to go to school, gym, and other daily tasks that I had before coding.

Most people are lazy, and to become a programmer, you can not be lazy at all. You need to structure your day correctly to make sure you have the time for everything.

Successful people recommend planning your day, so I followed that, and I become a more productive, happier, and healthier person just because of the thing that I wanted to focus on learning to code.

7. Motivated to grow

Programming is an always learning path.

What does it mean?

It means that you will always learn new things, you will not get bored with the number of available technologies, you will be motivated to do something.

Coding is a sitting work, and after some time, you may feel worse working full-time in an office or in-home without any activity.

That is why a lot of programmers are healthy, they eat healthily, and they workout. All of the things that I mentioned above, I do daily, and it is just a fantastic connection with coding.

When you are looking at your code editor eight hours a day, and you go for a walk or to the gym after all of that, you will feel blessed, fresh and ready to take other actions!

8. Ideas become reality

That is the beauty of programming. You can create almost everything you would ever imagine of just with a computer and with your brain.

Have you ever struggled with using your favorite app, that it is not working correctly, something is missing, you would add some features to it, or similar?

With programming, your ideas can become a reality simply if you know how to implement them in your project.

Have you ever wondered how apps like Facebook or YouTube, Netflix, or Uber work? For most people, it is black magic, and it is too hard to create.

Nothing would be more wrong!

The only thing you need to do is to put in the time to learn.

That's it!

I hope that now you know why you should learn to code! If you are a programmer, would you add anything to that list? Thank you so much for reading, have a productive day!

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Achouak BACHIRI |#100DAYSOFGADS • Edited

i like it, m beginner btw
best of luck

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Bart Zalewski

Thank you, I'm glad it helps! What did you like about it the most?