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Discussion on: Wordpress Sucks. Let's Switch to Static Site Generators!

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Bayu Angora • Edited

I'm with Jekyll on my first static site playground, because it's easily deployed on GitHub Pages. But the build and deploy time is going slower when articles going huge.

When my articles almost thousands, I moved my site to the current fastest static site generator, Hugo. It won't be wrong when choose Hugo for huge articles. Also, I try Eleventy for my new learn and backup too.

Next, Nuxt, Gatsby, Gridsome, etc, they are great because it's instant reload feature that feels like modern apps. But if the main focus is about creating so many content continually, just choose the fastest static site generator.

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Glenn Paquette Author

Thanks for the info! That's a great point to keep in mind. I've been playing with Hugo a bit, so far it's pretty nice!

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