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Cracking a coding test interview - breakdown

Babacar Cissé Dia
passionate about technology especially in WEB (front end and back end), desktop and mobile application from native to hybrid one. ML is the new black
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Cracking a coding test interview

Coding interviews are always for me an opportunity to learn and grow which is why I wanted to share you my thought process for this one I found this morning at

What I saw when I visited the page
home page

I revisited the application form

I wanted to know what technology was used for this
server discovery

I was happy to find out it was ruby

And the hint was suggesting I should try json and I did. If you know ruby on rails then it comes to you naturally

But now I am in front of the page with this json payload. It says follow so I followed the link.
request id json

request twice

Then I said wait...
but wait...

It was too good to be true. So you have two choices:

  • either you go follow one by one the id chain
  • or you can just write a bit of function like I did Alt Text

On the last page: The holy grale

You could have go for an iterative version with a loop

Wrap up

I guess at RainForest they will have to make a new test since you know the answer for this one.
Overall I think it way simple enough. We just needed to take each problem one at the time and yeah every beginner can do it too.

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