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re: I currently don't have any portfolio and by seeing your thread I am very much interested in making one. I had thought of making a portfolio previo...

My advice?

Start small. :)

Name 20 nouns, 20 adjectives, 20 verbs that you want to communicate to visitors.

This might give you a hint or two about, color palette, typography and over-all feel & design.

Take a day and look over them. Look at other portfolio sites on this thread! Look for stuff that catches your eye on, even! Search for portfolio, for example.

Then for content

Do 4 simple single word menu items.

Home | projects | lessons | CV | contact


Take a screenshot of your 8 projects... (hmm 8 cards 🤔... I see a nice, tidy grid in your future :) ).

Don't get overwhelmed and overdo it. Just keep it simple...

for "lessons" do 5 sentences on smth you learned last week that's been on your mind.

Do one entry a day---Boom~!

CV is a link to a .pdf


Contact is what I click on to hire you! :) . --Look at what others you admire have on their "about" section.

Again, don't get overwhelmed & perfectionist about it.

Just do one bit at a time & promise yourself you'll post your progress on for example! :)

k... I see I've written a novel.

Good Luck!


thanks for the information I will try to make my own by implemnting the advice.

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