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I'm going to start with the css grid & flexbox, I think this video explains it explains the differences and the need for them in depth even though it's just 4 minutes.

For the HTML/CSS part, I don't think there are tutorials or courses which can make you better when you know the basics and you didn't practice. I assume you know the basics very well, start creating things, even small ones, just draw with css (even I don't suggest you do that in production, SVG please), learn how to make animations and transitions. So yeah it's practice practice practice, at a certain point you'll go and learn a preprocessor like Sass, and an architecture for your CSS like BEM for example.So yeah for now, learn flexbox and css grids, play with codepen.io and try to make your app responsive without any framework with media queries !


Awesome response!

Yeah, I definitely have a solid foundation of HTML & CSS and I've seen a few books recommended that kind of take you through sets of challenges you may come across and the answers for them.

We're leaning toward Sass very soon, which I've touched in a very small fashion previously, and I'm excited to now start writing for production.

Definitely will check out the video. Thanks for the quick response :)

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