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We try to have a certain awareness that we're allowed to delete things that start to rot with the understanding that if it was so important someone will bring it up again. I think this helps solve the overload and mess. It sort of takes an acknowledgement of our own fallibility ahead of time.


By that you mean that when you're wondering through Confluence you're always on the lookout for deprecated stuff?
And how do you manage the structure, like what goes where? Common problem is like having an "Engineering" space and everything tech related goes in there. The opposite is also true, where everything is a sub-sub-sub-page, and then search doesn't help. Ever had any of those problems?


I don't think it is the overload mess that creates the issue.

  • Bad search engine that can not find relevant stuff, poorly indexed and poorly executed.
  • Everything is a string - keywords, indexes and so forth, makes it slow
  • Too much irrelevant stuff.
  • Can not do phonetic search
  • It does not handle "near match", like we have a norwegian word "tester" that can also be written "testar"

Atlassian's products is relics. Only reason it is so widely used, is in my oppinion that it was the "de facto" standard and best tool on the market for years.
Now we have out-grown its usage, but sadly a lot of competetor's, like Github's Wiki, is just implementing a lightweight copy of Confluence instead of creating their own.
And let us not forget the main factor: Money. It will cost lots of money for these companies to find another documentation tool. So sadly, we are stuck with Atlassian's Confluence for years to come...


I have to agree that with the old search any results just didn't make any sense. I always have a hard time remembering what should search for (thinking about keywords) and sometimes they're just near matches, which completely bunks the results.
I've found that with the new search (left bar that came with overhaul that they've been doing recently), it actually works as I'd expect it to. I'm guessing they updated the search algorithm.

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