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Discussion on: 🦀 Rust Reviewed: Is the hype justified? 🦀

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Ben Halpern

The JavaScript ecosystem is notorious for the todo list made with various approaches within the language... Todo list makes sense as a familiar UI project with different states and the right demo of complexity.... Is there a good equivalent Rust project? Something that demonstrates why Rust or why this approach within Rust?

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Basti Ortiz (Some Dood) Author

Yes, there is! As far as I know, the Rust equivalent for the JavaScript todo app is the humble CLI app. There are no particular requirements for the app since it would be up to the learner to make it their "crash course" around Rust's features. As the learner continues to design their app around the ownership model, it gradually becomes apparent how powerful it can be when scaling across multiple threads.

After that point, who knows what the future holds? Maybe the next step is to build a multi-threaded web server!

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Distributed Hunter Trujillo

Iced is a fantastic Rust GUI project that compiles to desktop native and WASM targets, using low-level GPU APIs. It has a good todo-list example that can serve as an example of what a Rust GUI project looks like.

I've been using Iced now for a personal project, and it's actually really good. Still learning some ins and outs, though.