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Ben Halpern

But isn't that the whole point? I would expect Lisp, in practicality, to be kind of stupid, because everything that came after it is essentially building off of it. But the idea of Lisp and the history of how it came about is every bit as fundamental as other concepts that get way more attention.

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Vladislav Zorov

And you'd be oh so wrong :)

Lisp doesn't just come first, it also evolves fastest (remember the article above? That it encourages experimentation in language design?)

For example the OOP features of Common Lisp (CLOS) are still unmatched by any other language. The "exception handling" (called conditions) are also much more advanced than elsewhere.

And what didn't originate in Lisp, Lisp can often trivially steal. There are libraries on the Internet that can make it have the features of pretty much any language and paradigm you want (coroutines, logic programming, whatever).