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Discussion on: Everything You Hate About Clubhouse Is Why It Will Win

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Ben Halpern

One more thought, an interesting corollary for how tech is thinking about it:

Remember when every VC was on Snapchat? Snap code pictures were everyone's Twitter links, etc. They eventually got tired of it, and when Instagram cloned stories people got bored and moved off. Maybe a few stayed, but it became much less mainstream in tech.

Snapchat, however, was never buoyed by tech itself, it was young people, and tech/celeb was latching on. And even still, it had a huge drop off when competitors came up (before eventually finding its feet again). Clubhouse doesn't quite have the same grassroots appeal (to say the least) and it's possible that the novelty wears off.

Not saying I'd bet against Clubhouse, but it's not without precedent for this kind of sticky appeal to fade.

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swyx Author

idk, i do see grassrootes appeal in clubhouse. ive seen the spontaneous rooms when the protesters breached the Capitol. I see the Lion King musical being put on in Clubhouse. this thing takes on a life of its own because people can form subgroups easily. So it scales at Reed's Law instead of Metcalfe.