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Discussion on: When working from home, how do you turn off at the end of the day?

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Ben Halpern

Damn good call. I'm on my computer trying to read something or watch a show and VS Code is just calling my name sometimes.

Of course, it's easy to have the problem in the other direction, where Reddit is only a click away when you should be writing acceptance tests. 😁

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Alyss πŸ’œ

Admittedly, I have it set up so I can work on my personal computer if need be (vpn, dev environment) but it is there in a pinch. I try to enforce the separation for work/life balance and mental health.

I know the problem of distraction rabbit holes well and I hate using website blocking software. RescueTime is one option. You can get more analytics on your website viewing habits or set a time limit for how long to spend on a task/site.