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Damnn super slick. The animations are super well-done.

I'd say the width on Projects and Contributions and Writings should have a max-width, as it starts to look a bit too wide for bigger screens. And the Writings section might be the place where you go too far with the colors.

I don't think the tone is off, but you could probably be briefer in some of the wordy areas. There are probably details you can leave out, or offer ways to dive further into that if the reader wants.

PS You're welcome to cross-post anything in your writings section to 😉


Hey Ben!!
Thanks a ton for stopping by! And the animations on your portfolio is waaaay sleeker, haha! :D

The Projects and Contributions and Writings does have a max-width, but I should probably decrease the amount of it.

And about text content, I just went through them some moments ago and found a ton of typo and grammatical errors -_- I'm planning on redoing them. I'll be briefer this time. :)
Lastly, you're absolutely right about Writings color. It doesn't look as deep on my laptop screen. But I tried it on my mobile and eww! My eyes still hurt!

Thank you so so much for taking your time and for the feedback. I really appreciate it. :)

*Sidenote: I'm having some issues regarding my dev profile and I need your help. I've sent you a text on Twitter about it. Not sure where is the right place to talk about it, but can you please check? :) *

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