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What's the origin story of your BFF status with Ben Lesh?


Well once upon a time I used to host pot lucks and Ben and Jay used to come, of course, since I am basically their social life. ;) <3

And we used to talk and hang out and Ben was so nice and he would pair with me on things and just be such a great mentor and I felt like he was always willing and up for all the ridiculous things I wanted to do.

And then somehow our entire lives overlapped and we were speaking at all the same conferences and then we cofounded a company together and then I started getting involved in RxJS because I saw the team needed a little bit of Tracy love and at some point in time you just get attached at the hip and life is never the same... :P

It's pretty special having great friends in life and I consider Ben and Jay to be some of my top favorite peeps.

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