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Discussion on: Ben's Five Keys to Creating a Successful Side Project

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Ben Halpern Author

In terms of companies doing this at scale, I'd point to Twilio or Stripe, and many others. Just because they are a huge startup doesn't mean the model is different for side projects. A lot of cities provide their data in ingestible formats so people can independently build things like transit apps as well.

You're providing the building blocks for others to hack on top, and by focusing down, you can really take your time to get that layer right. By cleaning the data and making it available in an ingestible format, somebody else can come in and do whatever creative thing they want with it.

A lot of people end up making APIs, but I'd say it's often the case that they would be better off doing the heavy lifting on the data layer and letting others build on top.

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Kevin Path

This is a very interesting suggestion and I love it honestly.......I built an API once for my internship and since we had extra time we ended up developing UI on web, android, and iOS but the company loved it solely for the API we built because it aggregated data much better allowing for more creative uses than we could have imagined for it.