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For me it's carrying my journal/pen. I so often do not have it when I need it. And not just for taking notes, which I could do on my phone... but just to scribble on while I work through an idea, design, scheam, etc.

I have it with me at my desk, but I want to develop the habit of carrying it around with me and not leaving it at the last place I was.


I've always got my journal with me and plenty of times it's been useful. You never know when you'll find info best saved for later, it relieves your brain of so much cognitive energy to just write stuff down for later.


OOOOOOooooh this is honestly my favorite habit and it helps so much! For anyone that also likes notebooks that have fancy notes (color coding, specific topics, revised notes for later review) it helps to have one separate notebook for those notes, and an easy-to-carry notebook for scribbles and idea jotting.

Sometimes when working through problems on paper, you might encounter some [method, topic, practice] that might help in the future and it'll definitely be a lot easier to have a proper section in a cleaner notebook instead of having it scattered amongst a sea of scribbles.


I forget it all the time too :)
I write all my drafts in the free pages of my paper agenda.


I've been trying to just use my notebook more in general. Recently having gotten a fountain pen has helped me want to do it more. I definitely do want to try to get better at having it with me more though sometimes that's inconvenient.


i was subscribed to a monthly notebook/pen delivery and i found ways to remember because they started piling up, which forced me to think about it more.


Have you ever tried a Rocket Book? You can write on it and reuse the pages over and over by wiping them clean with a moist cloth. They also have an app where you can scan your pages so you can have a digital record of them. I have one and I love it. I had boxes of notebooks before and I just have the one Rocket Book now.

Yeah I have both the one you use with Frixion pens and the one you use with Crayola special markers. I only use them for traveling though because I still have tons of notebooks and pens from when I had the subscription. I want to use them up.

Although, probably when they are gone I’ll subscribe again because a couple of my friends run the subscription box service. Also if I don’t have notebooks piling up, I won’t have as much incentive to remember to bring my notebook with me.

Ah, I see! That’s cool that you already have a rocket book. I didn’t even know that they had crayola markers. 🤓


I really wish I could get into the habit of this. I have a journal. I have my favorite pen. I never remember to bring it anywhere.


Getting a pocket-sized pen was really helpful for me to be better about carrying a pen with me. Full sized pens were always a pain in the butt to carry around if I didn't have a bag or backpack etc.

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