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Discussion on: Passionate or not passionate, that is the question?

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Ben Halpern

I think "staying interested without burning out over time" is the real answer for passion.

I think some people obsess over passion out of some bad experiences working with totally apathetic people at some point, but looking for passion ends up being like an over-the-top meme.

Keep up with things at your own pace, put a bit of healthy pressure on yourself, and don't get caught up in the misguided notion of generic "passion".

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Pierre Vannier Author

💯 % agree with that. Keeping the “Tech” pace can somehow lead to burn out or even trigger some imposter syndrome. I’ve seen so many great developers bullying themselves as being mediocre... more often seen on senior developers (>45 y old).

Your words are wise : “keep up with things at your own pace” with a “healthy pressure”.
I think there should be a “how to survive and live longer as a developer within the fast and furious tech pace.
Thanks for sharing your point of view.