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Wordpress solves a common pattern for how the web has been used in the past 20 years. It's a higher layer of abstraction for creating things and can be used pretty well by technical and non-technical folks.

Different insertion points depending on expertise. It works pretty well this way.

No, it's not the greatest software in existence today, but its lasting power isn't based on nothing. Wordpress replacements do not have the ecosystem and lasting success that this solution has.

I've worked with Wordpress before and do not want to go back, but it has the strong network effect of a successful project and still backs HUGE amounts of the open web.


WordPress does nothing notably better than s9y does - they just have a better looking default theme. :)) And yes, that's why I started with it as well...


s9y also has a favorable security record compared to Wordpress:
But of course I'm not sure how much the number of users has led to discovering the vulnerabilities

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