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re: You can easily change Ubuntu's default UI. But then again, it is Ubuntu's only advantage...

Which Linux distro outside of Ubuntu has the most pleasant UI in your opinion?

Or one that you think others would find most pleasant?

With the effective end of Unity, all Linux distros have the same UI available for installation. If you want to know which default (or "recommended") GUI looks best to me, I'd probably choose elementary OS - it is enormously mac-ish, but I can't deny that it is very eye-pleasant.

I probably still would not install it. It uses systemd.

I love systemd. Too many benefits to count. Gone are the days of a tangled web of tightly coupled bash scripts starting a system. You can do some amazing things with systemd. I'd give it a look over and ignore all the negative hype trains, give yourself a chance to form your own opinion.

And it regularly breaks systems - and gone are the days of having simple "text in, text out" pipes for log files.

The most eye candy is available with elementary or deepin, with the ability to install deepin desktop on other distros than deepin itself.

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