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Discussion on: IBM is acquiring Red Hat

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Ben Halpern Author

It’s also the only logical thing to do short term. Red Hat has to be a pretty complicated organization.

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Jeffrey Tao • Edited on

Context: I am someone who interned there for 2 summers a few years ago (I did get to sit on one conference call with Lennart Poettering...). I imagine there is a moderately sized group of people who are very upset about this and either already are or will soon be making a fair bit of noise. Internally there was a company-wide mailing list called memo-list on which anybody could send an email and have everyone else in the company see it. Lots of very big disputes took place on it (most notably when I was an intern: IT decided that maintaining internal sendmail servers was no longer tenable and switched to gmail. Lots of people were mad about this).

There were lots of folks who were passionate about Red Hat as a company and its place in computing history and in the open source community. And another interesting challenge will be that a large proportion of the company works remotely. In my time as an intern, there were desks in the office that ostensibly belonged to people (they had possessions and papers sitting on them) that I never saw in my 6 cumulative months there. IBM, notably, changed its stance on remote work relatively recently.

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Nailson Landim

Thanks for sharing it ;-)