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Discussion on: Navigating the Spooky World of JavaScript

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Ben Halpern

JavaScript remains one of the more confounding programming languages/environments. Very beginner friendly and simple in some ways, over-complicated and chaotic to all in other ways.

The culture around JavaScript is probably its fundamental differentiator. As with many things involving culture, detractors tend to be loud and proud.

Due to the confounding nature, getting oriented and being confident in your orientation is probably harder than the problem at hand most of the time.

Anyway, I think this advice is all spot on. Being confident with the basics will go a long way.

In web land, I think it also helps to get to know the DOM's various methods. I don't think you need a deep understanding of how the DOM tree is built (I don't), but having practice calling DOM methods like document.getElementByID give you a good idea of more or less how your abstractions are operating.

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Ali Spittel Author

Totally -- JavaScript has to be everything for everybody since it has the monopoly on the front end. Which means that a lot more people have opinions on it. Also agree on DOM manipulation -- I hadn't included it because I thought of that as more beginner than intermediate, but that line is kind of arbitrary!