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Discussion on: Real time + Postgres = ?

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Ben Halpern

This is really great. My issues with RethinkDB is that I’ve never worked on a project with great clarity of DB-layer needs early on, and choosing more exotic DBs ends up being a pain.

I’m sure in other contexts, you have a better idea of what you need early on. But in my cases it has made more sense to start with basic CRUD/polling and then add real-time layer as needed.

So with that in mind I like tools that interface with Postgres or my app’s logic agnostically.

RethinkDB is still cool and probably a better option than when I was playing with it in a less mature state

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Alex Barashkov Author

Unfortunately after the author of RethinkDB stopped maintaining it, not to much changes happen. Used it year ago, and still there were a lot of limitations about queries with real time updates option turned on. So finally I guess GraphQL + Hasura gives that ability of having proper client side access to the data which is stored in a mature database and old fashion database.