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Discussion on: Can we avoid the bullshit bubble?

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Ben Halpern

This is a hard topic to easily pick at, but I'll comment a bit.

At least that's what I have been observing during the last few years, mainly in the domain of so-called enterprise software.

It's interesting here, that I really feel like it's better when there is some high level honesty, and not having that, for me, is where a lot of the bullshit comes from.

Like, shipping okay software and knowing that you're not shipping magic or solving everyones' problems is great. Shipping bad-to-okay software and having it marketed as the answer to everyones' problems is where some frustration comes.

Some software firms market in grounded ways and I think that honesty and sensibility works its way down to the engineering team. When we pretend we're infallible, it's easier to feel like our work is bullshit.

My 2 cents.