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This is a really great point!

I think this advice comes from the right place, but it's absolutely based in cynicism, and frankly stereotypes.

The game dev industry is full of horror stories, but I think these are definitely generalizations and it's not like other areas of development aren't laden with the endless death marches you hear about in game dev.

I have one IRL friend who does game dev and by all accounts he really enjoys it. I remember having coffee once with another game dev who was stereotypically burnt out, but he also was generally having a good time despite the pressure.

I think this observation is very astute. I don't meet a lot of aspiring game devs so I'm not sure I've given this advice myself per se, but I could see myself having given this similar advice without thinking it through much.

Furthermore, with the rise of AR/VR likely in the next decade, it seems like a great time to break into this space.

Good luck Joseph!

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