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It really works well and represents you well.

Looking at it on my phone I feel like it could be cleaned up around the edges a bit.

I feel like some of the flourishes are a bit out of place on mobile and I noticed the spinner on your image a bit offcenter.

To me there could also maybe be a bit more color to give it some added cheer. The grayish green is a good vibe but maybe could have one more complementary color. 🙂


Thank you, Ben, it means a lot that you found the time to look at it!

I presume the flourish you mean is the rotate and scale on the link icons? Do you think it's worth disabling them on smaller screen sizes?

I agree with the colour assessment, I'm not really a designer but saw there was a post about colour theory earlier today so I'll have a little think.

Thank you again


I've added a splash of Orange, what do you think? Is it enough?

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