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How has the kubernetes ecosystem evolved in the past two years?


I think because it has been hyped up a lot and many companies got into "new shiny thing", now you have more resources to work from.

The support online has been amazing and I am talking about issues that have not been been out for even few hrs. There are 2-3 weekly k8s meetings I usually go to one a week or watch it on youtube k8s channel, then there is slack channel, /r/kubernetes and bunch of more sites.

People hear k8s fixes a lot of things, but in really anything can fix things if you put work into it, except for the part that k8s has ways of doing things differently.

The more time you spend in k8s of doing some fine-tuning and wanting "special" features , it gets complex with the time especially if you want all 100% automated.

In other words it's a beast that needs lots of food.

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