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re: To Lectures from term time address it’s quick 10-15 min walk. To the office from home it a 30 min drive due to traffic. I know not the worst commut...

Not bad, but still takes some time.

Do you have a driving routine in terms of particular radio/podcasts/music?


I don’t drive yet haven’t got around to do my driving test, normally my mom drops me off or I get a Uber. But I listen music or a podcast, nothing in particular though.

I'm 30 and still haven't got around to my driving test 😄

I just got my learner's permit this year, so I'm on my way. No shame in putting it off, but I would recommend it earlier than what I did.

My reason is I go to university in a city were is 1. Unnecessary to have a car, 2. Nowhere cheap to park a car.
I might look in to getting a motorbike though.

Yeah, very similar situation to me. I always lived in walkable/bus cities and also just couldn't ever afford or justify the expense.

Have you guys tried moving in bikes? For me it's a lot of fun to do it, here in Buenos Aires is the same issue you guys mentioned, owning a car seems to be more stressful than anything else lol

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