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Discussion on: What's your coding origin story?

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Ben Halpern

I think I first got interested in computers because my dad was... but my parents were separated and I actually didn't have much time with him, so that interest never really got nurtured.

My true origin with coding was Geocities, and it wasn't an abstract interest in coding, I was most fascinated because some 9th grade kids in my school had created a little "online business" through Geocities and I thought that was the coolest thing.

I was in 7th grade. We didn't have a computer at home at the time, but my friend got into Geocities to make a website for his band, so I spent a ton of time at his house and school computers creating my website, which was a fantasy sports news site.

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Guney Ozsan

Honestly I learnt how layouts work by playing with Myspace profile. I was a musician so how it looks was very important for me. That's why I spent so much time on it. I don't regret now:)

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Did you know the musicians were running macros in the browser for views at the time?

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Rob Kendal {{☕}} Author

Amazing! I loved Geocities. I also cut my CSS teeth on MySpace, incidentally where I met my wife. I like to think it was my epic emo-styling work on my MySpace space :D