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re: I recently just started using DEV and you mention in your Post Script the RSS feed import and canonical settings. I have to say, it's WAY better th...

I think the idea of POSSE ( is super important to the web going forward :D

Agreed. And what we really want to make sure is that it's both powerful and simple to do.

  • Simple: It just works when you need it to work, it isn't a matter of way too much manual effort to do simple things.
  • Powerful: It needs to leverage the platform well. There is certain kind of content that is kind of "special" for DEV, like our custom liquid embeds that augment markdown etc. We are compatible with RSS and markdown, but the best way to use our platform is to make the most of it, so we'll be thinking through ideas where compatibility and power are maintained.

We're excited to build cool things along with the community!

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