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Discussion on: What do you want to be when you grow up?

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Ben Halpern

To point to a semi-fictional archetype I would be happy to aspire to:

Brad Pitt's character in The Big Short.

This is probably odd because it is really a sad story full of sad people and Pitt's character may be the most honestly sad of all (sad in terms of emotions).

Hopefully I can accomplish this while staying happy and optimistic, but that character really understood how the world worked, he lived in a beautiful mountainous location and was there for mentees when they needed him (even if he was a bit grumpy along the way).

When designing my situation, I think about that character. I can tell I am going in that direction and I hope I can continue to achieve the good parts of that situation.

Along these lines, I really appreciated this post:

We humans must find a certain contentment in whatever situation we find ourselves in, but in terms of situations to position one's self to be in. This is my line of thinking. 🙂

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Yaser Al-Najjar

Loved that article, really thoughtful... Thanks Ben!

Would you mind sharing the results of the last six months of your experience after commenting on the article?