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Christian Bale's portrayal of Michael Burry in The Big Short speaks to me and gets me excited about being sort of a weirdo who can solve problems type. It's not exactly the happiest story, but his mannerisms kind of get me fired up to do something difficult.

I also like Bale as Batman with his computer set up. I try to get situated so I feel sort of Batman-esque in my tasks.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing also is something I re-watch a lot. When I was in college I watched The Social Network and that often got me kind of fired up.

I didn't have a lot of encouragement to get into tech per se growing up or at any point, but I think I fit the archetype portrayed in a lot of these movies pretty well and that definitely encouraged me. I hope Hollywood gets better at straying from this archetype/sterotype because more people deserve to be inspired in the ways I have been. I actually do think it is starting to happen in a big way, but it takes some time for that to take effect.

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