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Discussion on: Checking the licenses used by your NPM dependencies

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Ben Halpern

I've used license-checker and found it useful.

I think we might have also used licensed in Ruby world.

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A Ruby gem to cache and verify the licenses of dependencies


Licensed caches the licenses of dependencies and checks their status.

Licensed is available as a Ruby gem for Ruby environments, and as a self-contained executable for non-Ruby environments.

Licensed is not a complete open source license compliance solution. Please understand the important disclaimer below to make appropriate use of Licensed.

Current Status

Build status

Licensed is in active development and currently used at GitHub. See the open issues for a list of potential work.

Licensed v2

Licensed v2 includes many internal changes intended to make licensed more extensible and easier to update in the future. While not too much has changed externally, v2 is incompatible with configuration files and cached records from previous versions. Fortunately, migrating is easy using the licensed migrate command.

See for more details on what's changed See the migration documentation for more info on migrating to v2, or run licensed help migrate.




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Connor Bode Author

Nice! Similarly for pip / python: (though I haven't used it)