re: Is DEV skewed to web-dev mainly? Are you in for something else? VIEW POST

re: Ben, Hi! I'm quite flattered to get response from you! Very intriguing to hear that some ideas are brooding about this :) However be sure, I'm we...

Yeah I didn't get the impression this was an "I hate DEV" kind of post by any means, but it addresses something we're actively working on.

Btw if you tag something #meta, there's a really good chance I'll see it due to my "follow weight" on the tag. 🙂

It's technically a great way to keep up with things that you specifically want to see more of, but it still doesn't quite work the way it really should for everyone.

So we can summon you like Batman? Cool! Kidding.. It's great to see you actively contributing to the community. I really enjoy Dev.to

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