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Discussion on: What does Full Stack mean to you?

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Ben Halpern

I'd say that while relying on heavy abstraction, you're basically able to handle the whole project. If it's sufficiently complex, you can't literally handle it all, but you can be flexible in where you are inserted.

However... I think in general it would only extend to frontend, backend + wildcard. So a fullstack developer is able to do the application logic thing and they might be skilled in some aspects of DBA, Ops, QA, etc. but not all of it.

Full stack developer is a "skilled generalist" I'd say.

While this is all just semantics, words are important in programming so definitely worth getting into and fussing a little over.

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Sarah Ksiyer Author • Edited

Oh I like this, frontend, backend + wildcard. Thank you, you've raised some great points.