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Discussion on: When starting a new project, when wouldn't you want to build in a cloud?

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Ben Halpern

For me sometimes the cloud is a pain in the ass when the script can run locally. If I were doing a project which largely involved data scraping for personal use or as a stepping stone to something else, good chance I'm running it on my own machine.

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Dakota Lewallen Author

I definitely share a lot of the same sentiment. Follow up for you, do rails projects follow the same line of thought? If I remember correctly, this site is built with it. Are those project still local first?

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Salvador Hernandez

It's interesting that you'd prefer to run data scrapers locally. I think that's one of the strong-points of AWS. I've been running a data scraping lambda daily off a cloudwatch alarm since December. It's great that it just does it automatically!

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Dragos Nedelcu

same here

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Same TBH